Today in Mormon History - Dec 09

Today in Mormon History ...

At a session of the Salt Lake City council, Recorder Louis Hyams, who had appropriated public money to his own use, resigned his position. This was the first case of embezzlement by a Salt Lake City officer. He had been an ardent anti-Mormon political worker. (1)
-- 120 years ago - Dec 9, 1890 (Tuesday)

[U.S. Religious History] The Christian Coalition created the "Catholic Alliance," a "fully owned subsidiary" of the Christian Coalition designed to appeal to conservative Catholics. (2)
-- 15 years ago - Dec 09, 1995

[Joseph Smith] A bill to incorporate the city of Nauvoo is passed by the state senate. One senator jokingly tries to amend the bill title to "A Bill for the Encouragement of the Importation of Mormons." This proposal is withdrawn. (Brigham Young University Studies (various issues), Su '75, 493.) (3)
-- 170 years ago - Dec 9, 1840

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