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[Danites] Apostle Orson Hyde contended that Hickman (who had been stealing from Camp Floyd soldiers) probably "had a revelation to act as he did." This lawless period should have ended with the official announcement by Brigham Young on 9 September 1860, that said, "...if the Lord wants any stealing done he would reveal it to me as soon as to Bill Hickman or others." (1)
-- 150 years ago - Sep 9, 1860

Gordon B. Hinckley interviewed by representatives from BBC radio and television, London News Radio and a Liverpool newspaper. (2)
-- 15 years ago - Sep 9, 1995

[First Vision] "being wrought up in my mind, respecting the subject of religion and looking at the different systems taught the children of men, I knew not who was right or who was wrong and I considered it of the first importance that I should be right, in matters that involve eternal consequ[e]nces; being thus perplexed in mind I retired to the silent grove and bow[e]d down before the Lord ... I called upon the Lord for the first time, in the place above stated or in other words I made a fruitless attempt to p[r]ay ... I called on the Lord in mightly prayer, a pillar of fire appeared above my head, it presently rested down upon me, and filled me with Joy unspeakable, a personage appeard in the midst of this pillar of flame which was spread all around, and yet nothing consumed, another personage soon appeard like unto the first, he said unto me thy sins are forgiven thee, he testified unto me that Jesus Christ is the Son of God; <and I saw many angels in this vision> I was a
bout 14 years old when I received this first communication; When I was about 17 years old I saw another vision of angels in the night season after I had retired to bed..." (3)
-- 175 years ago - Nov 9, 1835

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3 - First Vision Account from Joshua the Jewish Minister

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