Today in Mormon History - Jul 25

Today in Mormon History ...

[Lucy Mack Smith] Dr. John C. Bennett writes to Joseph expressing interest in Mormonism, the first of three letters written by 30 July. (1)
-- 170 years ago - Jul 25, 1840

Joseph Smith receives a revelation instructing missionaries to curse those who will not listen to them: "And in whatsoever place ye shall enter, and they receive you not, in my name, ye shall leave a cursing instead of a blessing, by casting off the dust of your feet against them as a testimony, and cleansing your feet by the wayside" (2)
-- 180 years ago - Jul 25, 1830

[David O McKay] At 3 p.m. Pres. Smith, Pres. Clark, and I met with Ernest L. Wilkinson on the proposition of his being appointed president of the Brigham Young Univ. There is no doubt but that Ernest Wilkinson has the right viewpoint of the mission of the Brigham Young University, especially with regard to its mission and the preaching of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He senses clearly the fact that every department in the school should, as he stated, "be impregnated" with the spirit of the gospel, and that the teachings of the principles of the gospel should not be confined to a Theological Department with other departments feeling that they are estranged therefor. Brother Wilkinson is a clear thinker; he makes no pretense to having had any experience in school management; he possesses outstanding ability, which I believe he can direct towards a good organization. On the whole I was favorably impressed with him and earnestly hope and pray that he will succeed. (3)
-- 60 years ago - Tue Jul 25, 1950

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