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Today in Mormon History ...

[Polygamy] Anti-Mormon party wins SLC school election
In another devastating blow to Mormon independence, on July 15, the anti-Mormon party wins the Salt Lake City school elections. This was part of a string of disasters. On July 1, the US Senate introduced a bill to ban Mormons from homesteading in Wyoming. On July 29, the Utah Supreme Court ruled that polygamous children could not inherit their fathers estates, and on August 5, the anti-Mormon party won almost every county office in Salt Lake and Weber Counties. (1)
-- 120 years ago - Jul 15, 1890

WESTERN WORLD, published in Warsaw Illinois reports that some residents of Hancock had begun to complain of "petty depredations... such as the loss of various small instruments of agriculture." Particularly aggrieved are some residents of Tully, Missouri, who complained of the loss of a variety of items. A depot of stolen goods identified as the Tully items are found on a farm not far from Warsaw. Tully residents stake out the depot, and take four Mormons prisoner who are found in the vicinity of the stolen items. They kidnap the four, take them across the river into Missouri, and extract confessions from three of them by tying them to trees and beating them. (2)
-- 170 years ago - Jul 15, 1840

Bennett, John Cook: Wife died 15 July 1863 and buried at Polk City, Iowa. (3)
-- 147 years ago - Jul 15, 1863

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