Today in Mormon History - Jul 21

Today in Mormon History ...

First Presidency issues statement allowing young men to serve missions at age 19, even though they had not met educational and military qualifications previously required. (1)
-- 50 years ago - Jul 21, 1960

LDS political newspaper SALT LAKE HERALD publishes John D. Lee's "confession" that "all who participated in the lamentable transaction, or most of them, were acting under orders that they considered it their duty-their religious duty-to obey." Lee says that when informed of Mountain Meadows Massacre, Brigham Young "wept like a child, walked the floor and wrung his hands in bitter anguish." (2)
-- 135 years ago - Jul 21, 1875

President Heber J. Grant dedicated the Hill Cumorah Monument near Palmyra, N.Y. (1)
-- 75 years ago - Jul 21, 1935

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