Today in Mormon History - Jul 20

Today in Mormon History ...

[U.S. Religious History] The Christian Endeavor Society of Missouri, an early forerunner of the American Religious Right, instituted a campaign to ban movies depicting kissing between non-relatives. (1)
-- 100 years ago - Jul 20, 1910

[Plains] William Budge Company begins crossing plains (2)
-- 150 years ago - Jul 20, 1860

Presbyterian General Assembly of the United States adopts resolution that LDS church is "a new and emerging religion that expresses allegiance to Jesus Christ in terms used within the Christian tradition." This ecumenical statement is at odds with Protestant denominations which define Mormonism as non-Christian cult. However, in recognition of LDS church's own claim to be neither Catholic nor Protestant, this document adds that LDS church is "not within the historic apostolic tradition of the Christian Church of which the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is a part." This pro-Mormon resolution is drafted and presented by Utah's Presbytery, eighty-five years after it fomented several anti-Mormon campaigns nationally. (3)
-- 15 years ago - Jul 20, 1995

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