Today in Mormon History - Jul 03

Today in Mormon History ...

Albert Carrington is ordained an apostle. He is the first general authority with B.A degree (Dartmouth College, 1834, Phi Beta Kappa). He is also first general authority who attended Ivy League school. (1)
-- 140 years ago - Jul 3, 1870

Michael H. Chandler arrived in Kirtland and began exhibition of his four Egyptian mummies. Joseph Smith reportedly deciphered the Egyptian "hieroglyphic characters" found on scrolls acompanying the mummies, and on July 6th Chandler provided Smith with a signed statement verifying the proper translation. [RLDS Church History Vol I, p.p. 568-569]. (2)
-- 175 years ago - (Fri) Jul 3, 1835

The first meetinghouse in the southeastern African nation of Malawi, a country of 12 million people, was dedicated in the city of Blantyre. (3)
-- 5 years ago - Jul 3, 2005

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