45 years ago today - Feb 17, 1979

KSL Television in Salt Lake City airs a one-hour documentary on depression and its effects on Mormon women. A roundtable discussion of ecclesiastical leaders (including General Relief Society President Barbara Smith) and mental health professionals is presented. Conclusions include "Women seem to get depressed more than men do. Two age groups are hit harder than others-early motherhood and ending motherhood. Mormon women are just as vulnerable to this, some would say more so, others would say just the same. Certain pressures that Mormon women must deal with are the pressures to be perfect, the pressure over raising a family, of church jobs, the pressure in finding an identity, and their role in society. But other pressures in other societies can do the same for other women. . . . One thing about Mormon depression, though, is the women seem more guilty about having this problem and therefore more reluctant to seek help."

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