165 years ago today - Feb 23, 1859

Joseph Fisher Sr. (father of Jane Fisher) writes to twenty-year-old Joseph F. Smith, ". . . you have been keeping company with my Daughter ever since your return from your Mishion & from the testimony before me you solicited her to be your wife before you returnd whitch indirectly was granted. I will here state that before the Move south you could have had my consent & from that time untill two Months ago you Could have had it grudgeingley & since that time you could not have it at all. I told her at least two months ago to not have anything more to Doo with you for it was my opinion that she would lead a Miserable life. . . ." Joseph had proposed to Jane Fisher while he on a mission to Hawaii. Upon his return he kept time with Jane, but they broke up and he began courting sixteen-year-old Levira Clark Smith, his first cousin. Joseph and Levira were married by Brigham Young in his office on Apr 4, 1859.

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