170 years ago today - Feb 23, 1854

[Patriarchal Blessing of William Leany by Elisha H. Groves ... Thou shalt be called to go forth with many of thy brethren at the head of a portion of the Lamanites in the redemption of Zion and avenging of the blood of innocence upon them that dwell upon the earth. The angel of vengeance shal be with thee and shall strengthen thee and nerve thy sinu [sinew] and give thee wisdom that thou mayest be able to go forth as Moroni against thy enemies, conquering and to conquer for no power shall stand before thee and thou shalt be able to accomplish thy work. Yea, thy heart shall be made to bleed in consequence of the consumption decreed upon them that shall dwell upon the earth yet thou shalt be filled with comfort and joy in beholding the advancement of thy redeemer's Kingdom.

... No miracle shall be too hard for thee to perform for thou salt have power over the elements the winds, and the waves shall obey thy voice. Thou shalt become one of swift messengers of the last days. Neither bars, gates, chains, or prison doors shall be able to hold thee for the Angels shall be with thee, and by them thou shalt be delivered in time of trial. ... Thou shalt behold the coming of thy Redeemer, the reign of peace upon the earth ...

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