180 years ago today - Feb 20, 1844

[Joseph Smith]
[Mitchel and Steven Curtis were] sent by Lyman Wight and Bishop Miller [to Wisconsin] to know whither Lyman should preach to the indians. The Menominees and Chippeway having requested it. ...

I told them to tell Bro[ther] Wight I have no council to shed blood /give/ him. He is there on his own ground and he must act on his own responsibility and do what he thinks best and he shall never be brought into any difficulty about it by us.

I instructed the 12 [Apostles] to send out a delegation and investigate the locations of California and Oregon and find a good location where we can remove after the [Nauvoo] Temple is completed and build a city in a day and have a government of our own in a healthy climate.

[Faulring, Scott (ed.), An American Prophet's Record: The Diaries and Journals of Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith Diary, 1843-44, http://amzn.to/jsdiaries]

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