85 years ago today - Feb 25, 1938

[Heber J. Grant]
This evening I had a visit of over an hour with Raymond Taylor, a son of John W. Taylor, whose mother was a Woolley and a plural wife of Samuel Woolley of Grantsville. His wife was with him. He is preparing a history of John W. Taylor. I told him I thought it was a mistake. If they wanted to publish it, all right, it would not be a history unless they told he was in opposition to the apostles and was excommunicated from the Church and was never legally restored by baptism. They went out saying they were very glad to have had the interview, and as near as I could judge he was pleased to drop the matter, for which I felt grateful, that they had had this talk with me, and that it would be a mistake to publish this history.

[The Diaries of Heber J. Grant, 1880-1945, Abridged, Digital Edition Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015]

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