180 years ago today - Feb 28, 1843

Orson Hyde affidavit of 15 & 16 September 1869, "And in the month of February or March (1843) I was married to Miss Martha R. Browitt [also spelled "Browett"] by Joseph Smith," witnessed by Marinda N. Hyde. Joseph Smith performed polygamous marriage for him and Mary Ann Price in April 1843, witnessed by Marinda N. Hyde. Compare with Joseph Smith's journal 28 February 1843, "To Elder Hydes to dinner at 4 o'clock P.M." and also "The following list of marriages is written on one of the last leaves of this journal," beginning: "Apr 42 Marinda Johnson [Hyde] to Joseph Smith 1843" and "July 20 [1843] M.P. to O Hyde." Thomas Bullock's entry in Joseph Smith's journal affirmed that there were two ceremonies, first in April 1842 and second at an unspecified date in 1843. The first was without her husband's knowledge, but the second was with his permission. Her 1869 affidavit provided better dating for the 1843 ceremony, which was thirteen months after she actually became Joseph Smith's wife. [Joseph Fielding Smith Blood Atonement and the Origin of Plural Marriage, 89; An American Prophet's Record, 313, 396]

["Evidence For The Sexual Side of Joseph Smith's Polygamy," Comments by D. Michael Quinn on Session #2A "Reconsidering Joseph Smith's Marital Practices," Mormon History Association's Annual Conference, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 29 June 2012 (unabbreviated version, revised during July)]

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