45 years ago today - Feb 28, 1978

Leonard Arrington's title is officially changed from "Church Historian" to "Director of History Division of Historical Department." Arrington continues to fill his ecclesiastical calling by giving talks, sitting on committees, and representing the Church in historical matters. When people, including President Kimball, refer to him as "Church Historian," he does not correct them.

The U.S. justice Department charges that BYU off-campus housing practices violate the Fair Housing Act, and give the university one month to conform. The threatened suit grew out of an incident in which a BYU female applied for an apartment in a building approved for male student housing. BYU's policy is that unmarried male and female students may not live in the same building, even if they live in separate apartments, and all students must live in university-approved housing. The suit is resolved when BYU-approved, off-campus housing becomes limited to BYU students only.

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