195 years ago today - February 19-20 and July 4-5, 1828

W. W. Phelps (publisher of 'Light on Masonry') is listed with other prominant antiMasons including a future antimasonic nominee for governor, original printer of William Morgan's expose' and the future husband of Lucinda Morgan [Harris]). He continues to be included as an active participant in the proceedings with mention of his Antimasonic newspaper 'Lake Light' and is the 3rd to sign the July 4th 'A Declaration of Independence from the Masonic Institution.' He toasts William Morgan as "the morning star of more light."

['Convention of Seceding Masons' Held at LeRoy, New York, reprinted in 'Light on Masonry,' "Master Mason", in Grunder, Rick, Mormon Parallels: A Bibliographic Source]

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