40 years ago today - Feb 11, 1983.

Paul Richards, BYU Public Communications director, informs Dean Huffaker, editor of Seventh East Press, that the paper cannot be "sold at the campus bookstore or on campus newsstands after Feb. 16. [Richards] declined to say whether the ban was ordered by church officials in Salt Lake City." An unofficial student newspaper at Brigham Young University that had drawn considerable criticism for its articles on Mormon history and doctrine, it had published an interview with Sterling McMurrin, Mormon philosopher, on 11 January in which he expressed disbelief about the First Vision and ancient origins for the Book of Mormon. The newspaper ceases publication on 12 April and is followed very briefly by the University Post, which also folds. The McMurrin interview is reprinted in Dialogue, Spring 1984.

[Anderson, Lavina Fielding, "The LDS Intellectual Community and Church Leadership: A Contemporary Chronology," Dialogue, Vol.26, No.1]

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