180 years ago today - Feb 11, 1843 - Saturday

... When the Mayor [newly elected Joseph Smith] came in and said he had been doing a good deed. had been conversing with Elder [Sidney] Rigdon — & he & his family were willing to be saved, good feelings prevaild.— & we have shaken hands togethr [Rigdon and Smith had a falling out, primarily over Smith's proposal to Rigdon's daughter Nancy] ...

prophecid to James Sloan Recorder— that it would be better for him 10 years hence not to Say any thing more about fees.——

Mayor Made his Inaugural Address— & <in which he> urged the necessity of the city council acting upon the principle of liberality & of relievi[n]g the city f[r]om all unnecessary expences & burthens. Not to attempt to improve the city but enact such laws as will promote peace & good order. & the people will improve the city, capitalist will come in from all quarters & mills factories. & machinery of all kinds & buildings will arise on every hand this will become a great city. & prophecid that if the council would be liberal in their proceedings they would become rich. ...

[Joseph Smith, "President Joseph Smith's Journal," 4 vols., Book 1, 21 December 1842–10 March 1843 (Willard Richards)]

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