180 years ago today - Feb 10, 1843 - Friday

[Oliver] Olney confessed before the Mayors court that he had been visited many times by the Ancient of days. sat with him on the 9. 10. & 11 days of June last.— & shall sit in council with ancient of Days on tuesday next— have had a mission from him to the 4 Quarters of the world. & have been have establishd the 12 stakes of Zion — I have visited them all but one in. the South. ... Olney was cut off from the chu[r]ch some time Since [disfellowshipped from the church on 17 March 1842 for "setting himself up as a prophet & revelator."]

[Joseph Smith, "President Joseph Smith's Journal," 4 vols., Book 1, 21 December 1842–10 March 1843 (Willard Richards)]

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