175 years ago today - Feb 2, 1848

[Hiram Page to William Mclellin]
... when Joseph was first visited by the angel and had the promise of the plates, it was told him no one should have them to get gain and in concequence of not being satisfied with wisdom from on high by the mouth of the angel he was deprived of the privilege of obtaining those plates for 2 years. here we find Joseph erred by his over anxious desire for filthy lucre, again we find in conciquence of the same caus[e] he lost the 116 pages of the first of his translating ... This was an error in him altho[ugh] it was a permit by revelation as also that of going to Canada. ... Joseph he[a]rd that there was a chance to sell a copyright in canada for any useful book that was used in the States[.] Joseph thought this would be a good opertunity to get a handsom[e] Sum of money which was to be (after the expencis were taken out) for the exclusive benefit of the Smith famaly and was to be at the disposal of Joseph accordingly Oliver Cowdery[,] Joseph Knights, Hiram Page and Joseah Stoel [Josiah Stowell] were chosen (as I understood by revilation) to do the buisaness; we were living some 30 to 100 miles apart[.] the necesary preporation was made (by them) in a Sly manor So as to keep martin Har[r]is from drawing a Share of the money, it was told me we were to go by revilation but when we assembled at father Smiths; there was no revilation for us to go but we were all anctious to get a revilation to go; and when it came we were to go to kingston where we were to Sell if they would not harden their hearts; but when we got their; there was no purcheser neither were they authorized at kingston to buy rights for the provence; but little york was the place where Such buisaness had to be done; we were to get 8,000 dollars[.] we were treated with the best of respects by all we met with in kingston--by the above we may See learn how a revilation may be rece[i]ved and the one person rece[i]ving it not be benefited. ... pleas[e] read this to all the bretharin & in peticular to brother Martin Haris he can testafy to the truth of some things here in mentioned which perhaps you may be ignorant of, ...

Hiram Page

[Hiram Page to William E. McLellin, 2 February 1848, typescript, Accretion Papers, Community of Christ Library-Archives, Independence, Missouri., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Hiram Page To William E. Mclellin]

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