165 years ago today - Feb 8, 1857

[Patriarchal Blessing of William Adams by John Young]
... when danger approached you the Angel of life shall be with [you] to forewarn you of those things, and your feet shall stand in sure places, and everlasting light shall shine upon you. If you are faithful br. William you shall live till your hair is as white as pure wool, you shall assist in avenging the blood of the prophets of God, and assist in accomplishing the great work of the last days, be an honor and a blessing to your family, and to your father's house, and to your progenitors, be prepared to be a savior upon mount Zion, and to help to carry out the glorious work of the redemption of mankind.

[Patriarchal Blessing given in G. S. L. City, Sunday, Feb. 8, 1857. By John Young, upon the head of William Adams Hickman Son of Edwin T. and Elizabeth Hickman born April 16, 1815, in Warren County Kentucky]

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