145 years ago today - Feb 5, 1878

[Zebedee Coltrin]
"[I] First saw the Prophet Joseph at a prayer meeting at the house of father Morley. He was then a beardless young man. During the meeting the powers of darkeness were made manifest in a remarkable degree, causing some to make horrid noises, and others to throw themselves violently around, One man by the name of Lemon Copley, standing at the back side of the house was taken by a supernatural power, and thrown into the window. Then Joseph said to Lyman `Go and cast the devil out of Lemon'. He did so, and the devil entered into a brother by the name of Harvey Green and threw him upon the floor in convulsions. Then Joseph laid hands upon him and rebuked the spirit from him and from the house, upon which the spirit left him, and went outside among a crowd of men standing near the door and made a swath among them several feet wide, throwing them violently to the ground. . . . "

At Kirtland we were called to the school of the prophets, and at one time when Joseph was in the translating room, myself and others were talking about the gift of tongues, when the spirit of tongues fell upon me and I spoke under its influence. joseph came into the room and said, `God bless you Brother Zebedee, that is the spirit of God.' He told me to continue, and the gift of tongues and prophecy rested upon the greater part of the brethren present and we continued speaking in tongues and prophesying through that day and the greater part of the following night. ....

"In the Kirtland Temple I have seen the power of God as it was in the day of Pentecost and cloven tongues as of fire have rested on the brethren and they have spoked with other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance. I say the Lord high and lifted up, and frequently through the solemn assemblies. The angeles of God rested upon the Temple and we heard their voices singing heavenly music. At another time while consecrating a bottle of oil, we saw visibly the finger of God enter the mouth of the bottle.

[Thomas Matley (Wark Clerk) notes of address of Zebedee Coltrin address, High Priests meeting in Spanish Fork, UT]

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