135 years ago today - Feb 6, 1888

[James E. Talmage]
At the nominating convention of the People's Party, Talmage is nominated and elected as a city councilman from Provo's Third Ward.

In his journal Talmage writes that he "accepted [the position] only on the counsel of the [church] authorities, for I truly dislike political office".

In his biography John R. Talmage writes the following:

The reason for the urging of Church officials [for Talmage to take the position] was that the issue of preserving or repealing the ordinance prohibiting the sale of liquor within city limits was under hot debate and the People's Party wanted an able public speaker and dedicated champion for their cause. James was elected and he zealously fought for an anti-saloon ordinance in Provo, but it was a losing battle from the outset.

[MSS 229, Journal; Talmage Story, ch. 8; Chronology of the Life and Work of James E. Talmage, J. Trevor Antley, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MJsHY83JZL_n6CjWq11y1trT_CVXMMXAx2uYOWAwn0c/edit#heading=h.2zfdaoa]

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