190 years ago today - Between May 6 and June 1832

Joseph leaves Independence with Sidney Rigdon and Newel K. Whitney and travels to Kirtland, mostly by stage. At one point in the journey the horses bolt; Bishop Whitney attempts to jump from the coach and breaks a leg. Sidney proceeds to Kirtland while Joseph and Bishop Whitney stay in Greenville, Indiana, for four weeks while the latter's leg heals. Joseph sets his leg and administers to him. At one point Joseph eats something poisonous and vomits blood so badly that he dislocates his jaw. Bishop Whitney administers to him at once and he is healed but loses much hair from his head. The day they are ready to leave, Joseph, as a seer, prophesies the events of the upcoming day, and they all come to pass.

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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