180 years ago today - May 17, 1842

John C. Bennett resigns as Mayor of Nauvoo. Joseph Smith writes to Church Recorder James Sloan, "You will be so good as to permit Bennett to withdraw his name from the Church record, if he desires to do so, and this with the best of feelings towards you and General Bennett" Two days later Joseph Smith is elected Mayor by the Nauvoo City Council. His first official act is to ask for the establishment of a "night watch etc." for "counteracting the designs of our enemies, . . . whereupon the council resolved that the mayor be authorized to establish a night watch, and control the same." At that time Joseph asks Bennett if he had anything against him. Bennett responds: "I know what I am about, and the heads of the Church know what they are about, I expect. I have no difficulty with the heads of the Church. I publicly avow that any one who has said that I have stated that General Smith has given me authority to hold illicit intercourse with women is a liar in the face of God"

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