145 years ago today - May 3, 1877

"Mr. Stowell went to his flock and selected a fine vigorous lamb, and resolved to sacrifice it to the demon spirit who guarded the coveted treasure. Shortly after the venerable Deacon might be seen on his knees at prayer near the pit, while Smith, with a lantern in one hand to dispel the midnight darkness, might be seen making a circuit around the spot, sprinkling the flowing blood from the lamb upon the ground, as a propitiation to the spirit that thwarted them."

[William D. Purple account of Joseph Smith, Jr.'s 1826 court proceedings, "Joseph Smith, the Originator of Mormonism," Chenango Union 30, no. 33, (Norwich, NY: 3 May 1877), as quoted in A Topical Guide of Treasure-Seeking Rituals From the American Northeast during the 18th and 19th Centuries, Compiled by Joseph T. Antley (2010)]

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