175 years ago today - Apr 25, 1845

James H. Monroe, a convert and school teacher in Nauvoo who taught the children of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, writes in his diary: "My time was spent, when not occupied with my school, in reading Fowler's Phrenology, a very valuable work in my estimation, and containing much information of especial benefit to me in my present capacity, as it enables me to form a better opinion of the tastes, feelings, and powers of my little protiges and thereby suggests the proper mode of education, and tells me which faculties are necessary to be cultivated. I think I must make out a chart of their heads with a description of their character as shown by the development of their organs, and then concoct a plan for their education in accordance with those principles." Four days later he complete's the phrenology chart of Joseph Smith III's head, "which [was] admitted to be correct by his mother "

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