175 years ago today - 16 April 1845

[Nauvoo Neighbor]

BY the counsel of the Twelve, Mrs. Hyrum Smith and Mrs. Thompson request all those sisters who have received papers to collect the penny subscription, to forward them as soon as possible that they may be able to ascertain whether all those employed as collectors have been faithful: as it appears that there is suspicion resting upon a certain individual of having kept the money which she had collected.¿They would say for the satisfaction of the sisters that about one thousand dollars have been received, and most of the sisters with whom they have conversed, seem inclined to continue paying their cent a week until the temple is finished; and money being wanted to purchase other things besides glass and nails, they invite all those who are able and feel so disposed to pay up for the present year; and as there are some poor sisters who are extremely anxious to throw in their mite who cannot possibly raise money, they would say that any kind of useful articles will be received from such.



April 1845¿bp

['Notice.' Nauvoo Neighbor, 16 April 1845, 3/4 (provided by Joe johnstun).]

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