175 years ago today - Apr 20, 1845

[Brigham Young]
... I thought I would speak upon the principle of becoming a God - is simply to be in possession of a kingdom and that makes him an Almighty man to that kingdom as Joseph said it is written in your scriptures '"to whom the word of God came - they were Gods'" - when a man is in possession of the principles of revelation, who obtains knowledge more than any other being - it actually make a God of him - if you go to the heathen nations and find a man who has knowledge more than any one else - he is a God to them - there are a many Gods and when we get through from chief to chief of them we shall find there is one who is head of all - there are lords many and gods many but to us there is but one God - and that tabernacle can be but in one place at once, but the intelligence that fills that body can fill the immensity of space - Jesus was but in one place at a time - the character of God is the influence that is bestowed upon his subjects, and this is the Almighty God - if I had the influence. I could rule over all the people as an Almighty being - our Savior can come and rule as king of nations as he now is king of saints ... Gentile blood is rebellious blood - it was in Cain, and the translators have translated rebellious blood Gentile blood- ... - every man that does not come up to the help of the Lord will be handed over to Satan and he will sift them - if this church is able to arise without being whipped and mashed it will not be five years before the rich men of the world will want to lodge their money in the hands of our bishops and it will be the greatest safety fund in the world - ... - I say it in the name of Israel's God - hang up your fiddle - let it be burnt up and give your Bishopric to another you will be cursed, in your goods, your cattle, your clothes shall be moth eaten - and you shall be cursed if you wont do your duty - when you have done your plowing and planting - put your horses and your teams to work at the temple and the Nauvoo House - and you shall be blessed.

[The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, Ed. Richard S. Van Wagoner, Smith-Pettit Foundation, Salt Lake City (2009), http://bit.ly/BY-discourses]

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