160 years ago today - Apr 4, 1860 (Council Meeting)

The sermon [of Orson Pratt] is splendid but [there is] no confession of his errors, but a confession to me. As though a confession was to be made to me, or I will take off Orson's or John's head. ... Did you ever hear me say that the Gods will [not] learn from all eternity to all eternity. Have any of you heard me argue such a doctrine. I have no recollection of anything time saying [such a thing]. This does not come to me as right. It points to me as a tyrant [or] despot, [a] ruler [with a] pinching spirit. Orson wants a revelation to know that I am wrong. No matter whether the men are right or wrong who [stand as] head [of] the Church. This is not the retraction that the statements made by Orson demands. ... I'm willing to go into the endowment house & dress before my Quorum or as we are now, or before Conference & lay down item upon item & let them decide. You make attributes Deity, as well say [there is] no deity now, or that we have to be dispersed to receive those attributes, go back to atoms, before we get an exaltation. When he lectured several years ago, I asked him, where [was] empty space, when the wicked call for rocks to fall, I could tell them where to go; for there God could not act, for nothing to act upon. That I don't care anything about; & to put that forth to the people; it should be covered up, & let the Doctrine & Covenants & Bible stand... Maybe though he don't think I have revelation, if I don't, I don't magnify my calling. There are hundreds of this. I could write revelation as fast as [a] dog trots. When I write & send forth my Revelations, [they] are the Revelations of eternity.... I'll sweep you down, men tie both my hands, bite my tongue & people cut Orson off the Church. I know his integrity, I love Him. I mean to hang on to him. I want a confession that I can send to the whole of the people that will cover all this ground & preserve bro. Orson a whole Apostle, before the whole church, then we want bro Orson [to make a confession] that can save him. ... Bro Brigham said could a being in a telestial or terrestrial kingdom keep a celestial law, is it reasonable to expect such a thing. Orson, it is for you to call the 12 together & do as I have suggested or do as you please. It will be brought before Conference and you will be voted as a false teacher, & your false doctrines discharged. I love your integrity, but your ignorance is as great as any philosophers ought to be...

[Brigham Young Office Journals as quoted in The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, Ed. Richard S. Van Wagoner, Smith-Pettit Foundation, Salt Lake City (2009), http://bit.ly/BY-discourses]

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