120 years ago today - Apr 8, 1900; Sunday

Apostle Rudger Clawson. ... Record of non tithe payers is kept as never before. It shows--High Priests not converted. Elder had not given the question of tithing sufficient thought to understand neces- sity. Seventies--Did not believe in it. High Priest whose wife paid tithing but he paid nothing. Teacher did not believe in tithing or a God. Elder could not afford to pay tithing. Seventy[.] Don't like the bishop. Elder full of good intentions for the future. 12 tithe payers, Bishop said--... One bishop refused to receive tithing from a person because of poverty. What bishop would do such a thing & thus deprive a person from having their names written in the book of the Law of the Lord. ...

[Anderson, Elizabeth Oberdick, editor, Cowboy Apostle: The Diaries of Anthony W. Ivins: 1875-1932, Signature Books, Salt Lake City in association with the Smith-Pettit Foundation (2013) - http://bit.ly/AnthonyIvins]

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