120 years ago today - Apr 5, 1900; Thursday

Pres[ident] L[orenzo] Snow as follows: ... there is just one thing that a Latter-day Saint, an Elder of Israel, should never forget; it should be a bright, illuminating star before him all the time--in his heart; in his soul, and all through him--that is, he need not worry in the least as to whether he should either be a deacon or president of the church, it is sufficient for him to Know that his destiny is to be like his Father, a God in eternity. He will not only be president of a church, but he may see himself president of a Kingdom, president of worlds, with never-ending opportunities to enlarge his sphere of dominion. I saw this principle after being in the church but a short time; it was made as clear to me as the noon-day sun, and I expressed it in this language: "As man now is, God once was; as God now is, man may be."

[Minutes, L. John Nuttall Papers, Lee Library]

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