180 years ago today - Jul 1, 1844

[Joseph Smith nomination for President - Heber C. Kimball diary]
A convention fore the perpus of chusen delagats fore [at]tending the Baltimore Convention [to nominate Joseph Smith for president on the Mormon ticket]. Elder B. Young was called to the Chare [chair]. The first cald on to speak was L. Wight, 2 was O. Hide, 3 Daniel Spencer,12 4 Wm. Smith, delagats chosen. At Half past 2 in the after noon, sevrel speeches from the Br. The meting well tended. ...

[Note: Heber C. Kimball, Brigham Young and other apostles attending this convention were unaware of the assassination of Joseph Smith]

[Kimball, Stanley B. ed, On the Potter's Wheel: The Diaries of Heber C. Kimball]

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