65 years ago today - Fri May 22, 1959

[David O. McKay Office Journal]
[Note by secretary:] It was very evident to all present that it was extremely difficult for the grieving President to conduct the funeral services. However, he brought his emotions under control, and handled the situation masterfully--the services proceeded smoothly and efficiently. His emotions, however, were near the breaking point when he publicly said farewell to President Richards. There was hardly a dry eye in the whole audience. General Authorities on the stand were seen wiping their eyes with their handkerchiefs as the President said: "Goodbye for the present, Stephen L, my beloved friend. We shall miss you--Oh! how we shall miss you! But we will continue to carry on until we meet again. God bless you, Irene, and your choice sons and daughters. During this inevitable separation may there ever echo in your hearts, as if they had come from the voice of your beloved husband and father, the words of the Savior to his disciples when he had to leave them =. . . ."

[McKay, David O., Office Journal]

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