180 years ago today - May 25, 1844

Joseph learns that two indictments have been sworn out against him. William Law has charged Joseph with polygamy; Robert D. Foster and Joseph H. Jackson have charged him with false swearing. The high council in Nauvoo begins its counterattack against those attacking the character of Joseph Smith. They publish the sworn testimony of four Nauvoo women who claim that "Chauncey L. Higbee had brought about their ruin by deceit" by seducing them with the supposed approval and authorization of Joseph Smith. "The character of Chauncey L. Higbee is so infamous, and his exertions such as to destroy every principle of righteousness, that forbearance is no longer a virtue." Sidney Rigdon resigns the office of postmaster of Nauvoo and recommends Joseph Smith as his successor. (Apparently Joseph had been pressuring Sidney to resign ever since their disagreement the previous year in which Joseph charged him with corresponding and conspiring with John C. Bennett against Joseph.. He had also
suspected Sidney, as postmaster, of reading—and not delivering—some of Joseph's personal mail.)

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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