125 years ago today - May 21, 1899

Margaret Cullen Geddes, widow of William S. Geddes who died ten years previously gives birth to a baby boy. Margaret is charged by local Mormon authorities in Plain City, Utah, with adultery. During the hearing before the bishopric, Margaret steadfastly refuses to give the name of the child's father, despite threats of excommunication. At this point, David Eccles, the child's secret father, who had taken Margaret as a plural wife the previous year, contacts George F. Gibbs, secretary to the First Presidency of the church. Eccles asks Gibbs to request that President Lorenzo Snow order Mormon leaders in Plain City to withdraw their charges. President Snow sends a letter to the Plain City bishopric telling them to accept Margaret's statements as sufficient, forgiving her with no further requirement. President Snow also advised that Eccles and Margaret move to Mexico. Thereupon, local church authorities dropped the case.

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