180 years ago today - May 17, 1844

Nauvoo's political convention nominates Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon as presidential and vice-presidential candidates and appoints 344 delegates to campaign for their election in every state. All of the 26 states of the United States and ten Illinois counties are represented by delegates at the convention. Two non-Mormon delegates, Dr. G. W. Goforth and John S. Reid, have prominent speaking positions. Resolutions passed at the convention include: "4. Resolved, that to redress all wrongs, the government of the United States, with the President at its head, is as powerful in its sphere as Jehovah is in His." and "7. Resolved, that we will hold a National Convention at Baltimore on Saturday, the 13th day of Jul." The Baltimore convention was held but, due to the death of Joseph Smith adjourned sine die.

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