170 years ago today - May 6, 1854

Patriarchal Blessing of Henry Augustus Martineau given by Elisha H. Groves ... Thou shalt be delivered by the Holy Angels like unto Moroni in the day of battle. The Angel of Venge[a]nce shall be with thee - shall strengthen and nurse thy sinews that thou mayest be able to avenge the blood of innocence upon those that dwell upon the earth. Wisdom shall be given unto thee, that thou mayest be able to fill any mission or station that shall be given unto thee in thy day. ...

Thou shalt behold the winding up scene - the coming of thy Redeemer - the reign of peace upon the Earth, delight thyself in the blessing of the fruit of the vine and the olive yard - receive receive thy enduement [endowment] and blessings in the temple in Zion, be anointed a king and a priest unto the most High God, receive thy crown, kingdom, power, dominion and eternal increase, be numbered with the hundred and forty-four thousand, reign with thy Redeemer upon the Earth. These blessings shall be sure unto thee. I seal them upon thy head in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, even so. Amen.

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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