40 years ago today - Jan 17, 1984-Tuesday

[Leonard Arrington]
Elder [Mark E.] Petersen ... wrote editorials for 53 years. According to my understanding he has written all, or nearly all of the editorials in the Church News. Who will write them now? Will their character change? People are beginning to speculate about the vacancy on the Twelve. There has existed one vacancy since LeGrande Richards died [in January 1983]. Now there are two. If they couldn't fill the vacancy of Elder Richards because President [Spencer W.] Kimball was not able to do it, [[Kimball's health was failing. His son noted that "his words nearly always came out wrong and he almost stopped trying to talk." Kimball, Lengthen Your Stride, 614.]] will they be forced to fill both of them now? Who will write editorials for the Church News? Who will direct the church exhibits? Who will direct missionary work? Elder Petersen had enormous influence in many directions. Who will take over his work?

[Confessions of a Mormon historian : the diaries of Leonard J. Arrington, 1971-1997, Gary James Bergera, editor, Signature Books, 2018]

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