110 years ago today - Jan 23, 1914

[George Albert Smith]
"Spent Friday hearing testimony at Bishops Bldg with my Quorum in the cases of Reuben Miller and [apostle] Matthias F. Cowley who are charged with encouraging disobedience to the rule of the church with reference to the Manifesto prohibiting Polygamy. We were in meeting seven hours and I was nearly used up."

[Meeting Minutes:]

[Matthias F. Cowley speaking:] Brother [John] Woolley said to me that he thought it was alright and related to me how President John Taylor had spent the whole night at his place and the President had said in the morning that the principle would not be done away with and I told Brother Woolley that I could have nothing to do with it. President [Francis M.] Lyman: Brother [Judson] Tolman also claimed that you sent men to him. Cowley: This I never did. I never sent a man to Brother Tolman. ... [Matthias F. Cowley:] In answer to Brother [Heber J.] Grant, I deny that I ever asked Brother Woolley if he was familiar with the sealing ordinance or that I told him not to turn a good man down if he came to him. ... Brother [Reuben G.] Miller explained that Brother Woolley had told him how abolishing of plural marriage was being agitated by the legal advisers of the Church and how President Taylor had spent the entire night in pondering over the question and in the morning came into
the room where Brother Woolley was with his face illuminated and said this principle was not to be done away with but to remain on the earth and this had strengthened Brother Woolley in believing that the practice should maintained and had also influenced Brother Miller. ...

[Journals of George Albert Smith; Minutes, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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