120 years ago today - Jan 26, 1904

Patriarchal Blessing of future First Presidency counselor Hugh B. Brown ... thy duty shall be made known unto thee by prophetic vision. The angel who was given thee at thy birth has watched over thee thus far and preserved thee from the evils of the world, the power of the destroyer, and from those who feign would have led thee into forbidden paths. And it is necessary that you reflect upon the past, present, and future, for in this wise the vision of thine understanding shall be opened. Thou shalt see things as they are, doubts shall be removed, and thou shalt be wise in counsel among thy brethren and valiant in the defense of truth, virtue, and righteousness. Thou shalt travel much at home and abroad, laboring in the ministry, and thy voice shall be heard among the nations of the earth... And when necessary thou shalt prophesy, for thy guardian angel will often whisper in thine ear and open the eyes of thine understanding.

... thou shalt preside among the people. Therefore, remember that when doubts cross thy mind, to ask the Father for the gift of discernment, and it shall be well with thee. This blessing I seal upon thee in the name of Jesus Christ, and I seal thee up unto eternal life to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection with many of thy kindred and friends. Even so, amen.

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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