115 years ago today - Jan 4, 1909; Monday

Elder Francis M. Lyman spoke on the subject which had been under discussion, namely, the changing of the Seventies meetings from Sunday morning to Monday evening. Made mention of the friction of long standing existing between the Seventies and High Priests, as to "Which is the greater," which seemed to be the all absorbing question, the Seventies claiming to have an apostolic calling, etc. Brother Lyman stated that Seventies had no authority for such claims. He stated that these differences were being obliterated and the Council of the Twelve desired Seventies to fall into line, meet with the other Priesthood quorums and use their influence for the advancement of the general Priesthood quorums.

Brother Lyman further said, that while these troubles existed they are lessening and all are coming to a better understanding. He further continued by giving a detailed statement of the quorums of Priesthood and their calling, claiming that we should always be called "Elders" as was the custom in the early days of the church. Said that a High Priest was a Seventy, an Elder, in fact he held all there was in the Priesthood.

Brother Lyman said we do not want any more quorums of Seventy organized unless they are absolutely needed.

[Excerpt from the Minutes of the First Council of the Seventy]

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