180 years ago today - Oct 26, 1843

The following named deceased persons were sealed to me (John M. Bernhisel) on Oct[ober] 26th 1843, by President Joseph Smith: Maria Bernhisel, sister; Brother Samuel's wife, Catherine Kremer; Mary Shatto, (Aunt); Madalena Lupferd, (distant relative); Catherine Bernhisel, Aunt; Hannah Bower, Aunt; Elizabeth Sheively, Aunt; Hannah Bower, cousin; Maria Lawrence, (intimate friend); Sarah Crosby, intimate friend, /died May 11[th] 1839/; Mary Ann Bloom, cousin.

6 John M. Bernhisel

7 Recorded by Rob[er]t L. Campbell, July 29th 1868.

The marriage ceremony between Maria Lawrence and John M. Bernhisel was ostensibly to shield her and Joseph's relationship the from suspicion.

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