130 years ago today - Oct 26, 1893

[James E. Talmage]
Today, Elder Wm. J. Smith, one of the Patriarchs of the Stake, called at my office on business, and while there told me that he had for me a blessing. ...

"... And the Lord shall be with thee in dreams and visions in different languages and the interpretation of the same. ... your eye shall be like the eye of the eagle to see near by and afar off, with power to discern every false spirit under the whole heavens, that thou may'st not be deceived thereby: that thou may'st have power over devils and demons and that cruel and wicked monster that fell before the throne of God, that thou may'st escape his grasp. ... and thy faith shall be like unto Moses, and the brother of Jared; and thou shalt have power to perform any miracle that was ever wrought by man upon the earth, for the salvation and deliverance of Israel. ... Thou shalt live to see Israel gathered from the four quarters of the earth, to assist in the redemption of Zion, and be gathered to the center Stake, and be a minister in that Holy Temple or Temples of thy Father's house, for thy ancestors and also the house of Israel.. ... I seal thee upon Eternal Life to come forth in the morning of the First Resurrection with all thy Father's house with their inheritance in the New Heavens and upon the New Earth, when it is sanctified and made the eternal abode of the righteous. ..."

[The Journals of James E. Talmage—Excerpts, Compiled by J. Trevor Antley, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dOE6pgN6OkBJIq-X73JGpCdt0p5b8_UdfTfLREz4uTg/]

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