190 years ago today - Jun 25, 1833

[Sidney Rigdon]
We have not found the Book of Jasher, nor any other of the lost books mentioned in the Bible as yet; nor will we obtain them at present. Respecting the Apocrypha, the Lord said to us that there were many things in it which were true, and there were many things in it which were not true, and to those who desire it, should be given by the Spirit to know the true from the false.

Zombre [John Johnson] has been received as a member of the [United] firm, by commandment, and has just come to Kirtland to live; as soon as we get a power of attorney signed agreeably to law, for Alam [Edward Partridge] we will forward it to him, and will immediately expect one from that part of the firm to Ahashdah [Newel K. Whitney], signed in the same manner. ...

Kirtland, the stake of Zion, is strengthening continually. When the enemies look at her they wag their heads and march along. We anticipate the day when the enemies will have fled away and be far from us.

You will remember that the power of agency [deeding consecrated property] must be signed by the wives as well as the husbands, and the wives must be examined in the matter separate and apart from the husbands, the same as signing a deed, and a specification to that effect inserted at the bottom, by the justice before whom such acknowledgment is made, otherwise the power of attorney will be of none effect. ...

[Letter by Sidney Rigdon on behalf of First Presidency, 1833-June 25-DHC 1:362-364, in Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)]

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