165 years ago today - Jun 26, 1858

The Army marched through Salt Lake City which they found had been abandoned by the Mormons. They passed through Salt Lake City and camped on the west side of the Jordan river. It subsequently marched to Cedar Valley, and there located Camp Floyd, about forty miles from the city where they remained until the outbreak of the Civil War.

The war ended in a compromise with both sides somewhat disappointed. Brigham Young did not want the army in the territory. Numerous sources establish that the army was anxious to fight and kill Mormons to assert complete suppression. President Buchanan's pardon eliminated trials and executions for treason of Brigham Young and other Mormons for which some had hopeful anticipation.

[Hale, Van, Mormon Miscellaneous, Utah War Chronology, http://www.mormonmiscellaneous.com/utahwar/id2.html]

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