125 years ago today - Jun 30, 1898; Thursday

The following case was presented by Elder Lyman: Sidney R. Burton, an apostate, died out of the Church, and is supposed to have committed suicide, though this is uncertain. He left a wife and children in the Church. His widow now desired permission to have his Temple work done (He had not received his endowments) and be sealed to him. Brother Lyman favored the granting of the request, as it might be the means of her holding her children together. Elder Young took the opposite view, holding that such leniency might be regarded by them as a licence and do them more harm than good. Pres[ident]. Smith thought it a waste of time as well as an improper proceeding to seal a woman to such a man. He believed in giving a woman the largest liberty possible in such a case, and would even strain a point by granting her request; but at the same time he would advise her against it. Pres[ident]. Snow agreed with Pres[ident]. Smith. Pres[ident]. Woodruff thought that we should not defile our Temples and altars by acting in such cases, but leave them in the hands of the Lord. Brother Lyman agreed with the views of the other brethren, but thought that as there had been so much leniency shown in such cases of late, he would satisfy Sister Burton's feelings by bringing the matter before the Council. It was finally decided that the case be laid over for further inquiry. ...

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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