160 years ago today - Jun 13, 1863

Orson Pratt Jr. [son of Apostle Orson Pratt] writes to Brigham Young to refuse a mission call he had previously accepted: "During your recent visit to St. George, I informed you of the change that had taken place in my religious views, thinking that, in such a case, you would not insist on my undertaking the mission assigned me. You received me kindly and gave me what I have no doubt you considered good fatherly advice. I was much affected during the interview and hastily made a promise which, subsequent reflection convinces me it is not my duty to perform. . . . Should any thing hereafter occur to convince me that my present decision is unwise I shall be ready to revoke it." Pratt's "change . . . in my religious views" was that he did not consider Joseph Smith a prophet nor the LDS church true.

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