155 years ago today - Jun 8, 1868

Abraham B. Smoot:

... The doctrine preached by Pres. Young for a few years back, wherein he says that Adam is our God---the God we worship---that most of the people believe this---some believe it because the President says so---others because they can find testimony in the Book of Mormon and Book of Doctrine and Covenants. Amasa Lyman stumbled on this, he did not believe it---he did not believe in the atonement of Jesus---Orson Pratt has also told the President that he does not believe it. This is not the way to act. We should not suffer ourselves to entertain one doubt. We are not accountable on points of doctrines if the President makes a statement. It is not our prerogative to dispute it. He is only accountable in points of doctrine. I have heard President Young avow the truth of Adam being our Father and God but have never heard him argue the question at all.

A. F. McDonald:

I thought I would speak briefly in relation to Adam being our God. Since the year 1852 when the President first spoke on this subject, I have frequently endeavored to reconcile what I have read with regard to this matter. I believe what the President says on the subject although it comes in contact with all our tradition. I have not any doubt in my mind but that Adam is our God. Who his God and Father may be, I have no knowledge. President Kimball spoke on this question recently and very plainly illustrated the character and relationship of our Father and God.

George G. Bywater:

I am not disposed to question the discrepancies on this question of doctrine; if we live faithful all will become clear to us. We cannot become united only as we get united in understanding. When I first heard the doctrine of Adam being our Father and God, I was favorably impressed---enjoyed, and hailed it as a new revelation. It appeared reasonable to me, as the Father of our spirits that he should introduce us here. And what we do not see is only evidence that we have not the light necessary.

["Minutes of the School of the Prophets", pp. 37-42; Provo, Utah; June 8, 1868, in Quotations Dealing with the Relationship of Our First Earthly Parents to Our Heavenly Parents (1830-1978)]

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