180 years ago today - May 23, 1843

[William Clayton]
Conversed with H. C. K. concerning a plot that is being laid to entrap the brethren of the secret priesthood [polygamists] by bro. H. [Hyrum Smith] and others. ...

Prest. stated to me that he had had a little trouble with sis E. [Emma] he was asking E. [Eliza] Partridge concerning Jackson conduct during prest. absence & E came up stairs. he shut to the door not knowing who it was and held it. She came to the door & called Eliza 4 times & tried to force open the door. prest. opened it & told her the cause &c. She seemed much irritated.

[The Nauvoo Diaries of William Clayton, 1842-1846, Abridged, Digital Edition, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015]

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