155 years ago today - May 28, 1868

Presiding Bishop instructs ward bishops to have "faithful teachers to settle all difficulties that may arise." First Presidency letter of Jul 11, 1877 urges teachers to bring evidence of wrongdoing to church courts. Monthly meeting of teachers is pre-trial hearing in church court system.

Orson Pratt writes to plural wife Juliaet that his first wife, Sarah, gets by without financial support from him: "Sarah has, by brother Young's kindness, been permitted to return to the old homestead, south of the tabernacle; she has the use of the house and half of the lot, without paying any rent. She has rented the other house in the 17th ward for $15 dollars per month; she also rents part of the house where she now lives to Orson [Jr.] at 15 dollars per month. Laron earns at the printing office about 25 dollars per week. All this enables that part of my family to live very comfortably."

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